Department of Reproductive medicine

Reproductive medicine deals with couples who have difficulty in conceiving a child. We specialise in infertility.


IUI-Intrauterine insemination
The partner’s semen is prepared and introduced in the uterus after preparing the uterus.

IVF-In vitro fertilisation
The male sperm is prepared and the egg after retrieval from the female is mixed with the sperm in our laboratory. The embryo is reintroduced in the uterus.

ICSI-Intracytoplasmic sperm insemination
This procedure is done usually in male factor infertility, it can be done even with a single sperm. The sperm is injected into the retrieved ovum(egg) and then observed for development into an embryo. The embryo is introduced in the uterus .

We have facility to preserve sperm, eggs and even embryo in our highly specialised IVF laboratory.


Dr . Anju Mathur
M.B.B.S, M.S (Obgy)
Sr Consultant & IVF specialist


Dr Somya Mathur
M.B.B.S, M.S (Obgy)
IVF specialist(FOGSI)

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