Best ICSI Treatment in Jaipur

Best ICSI Treatment in Jaipur

Are infertility issues obstructing your way to parenthood? Don’t wait and get the best ICSI treatment in Jaipur to overcome infertility problems that are generated through male infertility factors. Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection or ICSI is recognized as a specialized form of IVF that is adopted for treating infertility cases that occur due to male generated infertility. The ICSI procedure involves the injection of a single sperm directly into a mature egg. Several couples who are experiencing potential problems in conceiving, the primary cause for infertility could be the sperm related problems and therefore, the ICSI treatment is highly recommended and preferred for conception.

Overcome infertility related problems with the best ICSI treatment in Jaipur

The infertility specialists recommend the treatment when a female is not able to conceive due to severe male infertility factors or the couple had experienced repeated attempts of failed fertilization with the traditional IVF technique. The core difference between both the infertility treatments (IVF and ICSI) is that in the former the embryologist collects multiple sperms and places them together with the egg so that fertilization can take place on its own but in ICSI a single sperm is directly injected into the egg. The success chances of the treatment vary according to the particular patient and in most cases, it depends on the age of the female. Thus, if a female is within the age group of 25 to 30 years, the success rate is relatively higher as compared to females who are in the age group of 30 to 40 years.

ICSI Treatment in Jaipur

According to infertility and IVF specialists, the treatment is highly suggested in the following conditions:

  • When the male partner possesses a very low sperm count (conditions is referred to as oligospermia).
  • When the sperms have poor motility and abnormally shaped (poor morphology).
  • Previously the couple has undergone IVF treatment and resulted in fertilization of very few eggs.
  • When the sperms are required to be collected through a surgical procedure because the male has undergone a vasectomy or has a potential blockage that restricts the sperms from ejaculation.
  • A major injury or any genetic condition that is resulted due to significantly low sperm count.

One of the major benefits of the best ICSI treatment in Jaipur is that it offers the infertile couple a chance to have their baby even after the male partner is facing severe infertility issues. Although the treatment can enhance the success rate of IVF treatment the procedure is not completely perfect and there exist some risks which are as follows: Pregnancy with multiples: ICSI is considered a part of the IVF process and there is a possibility of multiple embryos at the time of pregnancy. The carrying of multiples can lead to arising of different types of complications specifically during the pregnancy period and childbirth such as gestational diabetes, reduced level of amniotic fluids, Cesarean section due to premature labor, and high blood pressure. Damage to embryo: Those couples who undergo the ICSI treatment, there exists a possibility that all the fertilized eggs might not develop into healthy embryos and therefore, during the ICSI process, there can be potential damage to the eggs and embryos which can lead to future complications.

According to the best ICSI treatment in Jaipur after the ICSI procedure, the female is required to undertake certain precautions after the embryo transfer so that the ICSI process delivers positive results. These precautions relate to diet, physical exercise, rest and other activities. The female should avoid stress because lower stress levels after embryo transfer can result in a successful pregnancy. Moreover, if there is a high intake of caffeine, it is also suggested that the expecting mother should go for decaffeinated drinks or should reduce intake to a significantly lower level. In addition to this, strenuous exercises should not be done and only light and moderate exercises like walking can be undertaken. This is because exercises like aerobics and rigorous workout can strain your lower abdomen and pelvic region. Thus, can impact the embryo after its transfer. Finally, resorting to a healthy diet that is a mixture of fruits, protein-rich food, vegetables, pulses, and carbohydrates should be taken. The expecting mother should avoid junk and unhealthy food so that the baby can receive proper nutrients from the mother.