best results in gastroscopy in Jaipur

Get the best results in gastroscopy in Jaipur

Gastroscopy is a technique in which your gastroenterologist inspects the coating of the esophagus ( food pipe), stomach, and duodenum (initial segment of the small intestine). It can be done Under anesthesia, in which a felxible tube with a camera is introduced through your mouth into your stomach and duodenum. The doctor can also obtain a tissue (biopsy) during the test. It is a diagnostic as well as a therapeautic procedure im which foreign bodies can also be removed. This technique requires roughly 15 minutes.

What is gastroscopy?

The endoscope has a camera attached to it and it is put through the mouth, down the food pipe, and into the stomach. The pictures are taken during the procedure.

Our expertise in endoscopy help us to recognise the diseases like acid reflux disease, gastric ulcers and bands early on the course of the disease. Our gastroenterologists, alongside devoted attendants, get the best symptomatic and restorative endoscopy utilizing top-quality endoscopes that are even fit for tight curve imaging.

Endoscopic ultrasound is the methodology done by an uncommon endoscope that utilizes high-recurrence sound waves to make visual pictures of the stomach-related lot including the pancreas. This innovation is valuable to analyze illnesses like pancreatic cancer and bile pipe stones.

best results in gastroscopy in Jaipur

What we offer at gastroscopy in Jaipur?

ERCP or Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography is an endoscopic technique to analyze and treat the bile conduit (tubes that convey bile from the liver to irritate bladder) for any stones, tumors, and so forth.

  • 24 x 7 pH checking is performed to distinguish issues in the upper stomach-related parcel like gastroesophageal reflex illness and it is finished by passing by a fine tube down through to arrive at the throat and a little meter is appended to compute the measure of corrosive there.
  • 24 x 7 GI drain care is given by master specialists and prepared nursing groups. They convey thorough consideration with nonstop endoscopic administrations to treat the patients' GI dying.
  • Endoscopy is a nonsurgical strategy acted to investigate an individual's stomach-related plot. Utilizing an endoscope, an adaptable tube with a light and camera appended to it, we can see photos of the stomach-related parcel on a TV screen.
  • During an Upper GI Endoscopy, an endoscope is effectively put through the mouth and throat and into the throat, permitting the specialist to see the food pipe, stomach, and upper part of the small intestine .

Likewise, endoscopes can be passed into the digestive organ (colon) through the rectum to analyze the lower GI tract called as colonoscopy. Some conditions to be kept in mind before undergoing gastroscopy in Jaipur Endoscopy is regularly performed at the Centres with specialists Gastroenterologist, for the conditions like:

  • For patients who experience the ill effects of esophageal varices which causes bleeding from the mouth.
  • For patients who have trouble in swallowing because of esophageal injury due to acid ingestion or achalasia, endoscopic dilatation can be done under fluoroscopic direction.
  • Endoscopic expulsion of gastric/colonic polyps is regularly done.
  • For patients with obstructive jaundice, ERCP/papillotomy/stone extraction from CBD/biliary stenting (plastic also as metal stents) can be performed.
  • Arrangement of pancreatic stents in patients with serious torment because of ongoing calcific pancreatitis .