Egg freezing clinic in Jaipur

Egg Freezing Clinic

Want to delay motherhood? Try the newest technology- Egg freezing

In the stream of medical fertility, after the development of IVF, egg freezing is the boon for this industry. Every woman who desires to postpone their pregnancy due to any reason either of social cause due to late marriage & childbearing or medical cause which oncludes females undergoing cancer therapies which decrease the eggs, can now do it possibly with egg freezing called as egg cryopreservation. From frozen embryos to frozen eggs, this field has seen a lot of advancement. With egg freezing, women have the right to choose the time when they want to attain their pregnancy. Many women are now opting egg freezing in Jaipur to delay their childbearing period.

Interesting facts about egg freezing

  • For egg freezing, the age of 25 to 35 years is promising.
  • Pregnancy is achieved only by IVF.
  • It takes 15 days to 2 months depending on the quality of eggs.
  • Just like in IVF, egg freezing technology also involves hormone injections.
Egg freezing clinic in Jaipur

Aspire to conceive in the future biologically? Go for the safest process of egg freezing in Jaipur

Due to the hectic lifestyle and stress of work, many women don't want to conceive immediately but want to go through the phase of pregnancy in the future. That's where egg freezing is useful. It is possible in IVF Centres in Jaipur, where they have egg freezing technologies.It's also called oocyte cryopreservation .

In what cases egg freezing in Jaipur can be considered for a women?

1- A woman suffering from cancer and needs to undergo chemotherapy or radiotherapy which highly affects the female ovaries.That's why to attain a biological child, you can consider egg freezing before your treatment.

2- If the couple is not planning to conceive immediately, they can preserve their eggs and can get it thawed (defrosted) to use them later .

Accomplish the dream of motherhood even after the stipulated age

To attain their dreams, people are prioritizing to achieve their goals first. They are marrying late and even desire to have a newborn very late. But, the number of eggs in the ovaries decline with age. That's why most of the women are trying the technology of egg freezing in Jaipur. The term oocyte cryopreservation can be defined as the method of stimulating and extracting the women's ovaries to extract eggs to freeze them and then store them in special temperature controlled machines for fertilization and embryo formation in the future.

How does egg freezing work?

The technology of egg freezing works in three phases as ovarian, stimulation, follicular monitoring, and egg retrieval. The first and second phase- ovarian stimulation and follicular monitoring is just like the procedure of IVF where the patient is given hormone injections for approximately 7 to 8 days for facilitating the ovaries to generate more number of eggs. The eggs are monitored by sonography and blood tests.A day before harvesting, women is given the medication which triggers the process of ovulation. Then the matured eggs will be harvested with a minimally invasive painless process under anesthesia which takes approximately half an hour. The eggs which are retrieved will be frozen immediately in oocytes.

Try the egg freezing technique of birth-giving just like the IVF

As the method of conserving pregnancy for the future, many women have undergone the process of egg freezing. After a stipulated age and time, say 35 years, women cannot conceive naturally or cannot produce enough quantity and quality of eggs. With the process of egg freezing in Jaipur, the age of the women doesn't matter, if she has frozen their eggs during their their early 30s.

Risks involved in egg freezing in Jaipur technology

1- Conditions of fertility drugs
The use of injectable fertility drugs like artificial follicle enabling hormone or luteinizing hormone for provoking ovulation can become the cause of ovaries to be swollen. This is monitored by serial sonography. The signs are abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, etc.

2- Egg retrieval process complication
The usage of the aspirating needle for retrieving eggs can rarely cause bleeding, infections, and damage to the bowel, bladder, and blood vessels.

3- Emotional risks
As eggs are frozen for pregnancy to be achieved after years, any woman can go for it but pregnancy depends on the quality of eggs and sperms and the lining of the uterus . This can be emotionally tiring and stressful for the couple.