Dietetics and Physiotherapist

Dietetics is the branch of science that primarily focuses on how food and nutrition affect human health and can assist in overcoming various diseases. The dieticians utilized the benefits of nutrition and food science to improve the health of patients suffering from diseases due to poor dietary intake. On the other hand, physiotherapy involves the treatment of injury, body disorders, and diseases through physical treatment approach i.e. exercise, massaging, manipulation avoiding medication and surgical procedures. The physiotherapists help in the alleviation of pain and restore normal body movements in people. Thus, reducing the impacts of any kind of body dysfunction.

Dieticians and nutritionists at Manglam Hospital help patients cure diseases through proper diet management

The nutritional therapies are designed by the dieticians that assist in curing specific health issues like excessive weight, hypertension, and diabetes. Our diet plays a crucial role as it impacts the overall health of the individual. A significant change in diet as suggested by our dietician will help you prevent and control multiple health issues such as heart disease, obesity, diabetes along with potential risk factors for overcoming diseases like cancer. Moreover, the dieticians also plan the meal program for the patients admitted to the hospital to offer them the right nutrients.

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Physiotherapists offer treatment for a wide range of treatment

The physiotherapists at Manglam Hospital utilize their skills and knowledge to bring improvement in various conditions that are related to different parts of the body. The neurological disorders like Parkinson’s, stroke and multiple sclerosis can be treated through physiotherapy. Cardiovascular disorders like chronic heart disease, a heart attack can be cured through a rehabilitation program designed by the physiotherapists. Apart from this, neuromusculoskeletal disorders such as back pain, sports injury, accidental injury, and arthritis can also be cured through physiotherapy. Moreover, asthma, cystic fibrosis, and other respiratory diseases can also be treated through physiotherapy.