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Our Journey

Mangalam Hospital was established by Dr Anju Mathur & Dr Amit Mathur in 2002 in Jaipur with the vision of providing world-class multi-speciality care in the city center.

Mangalam hospital is a super speciality hospital for IVF, high risk pregnancy, test tube baby centre in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The hospital has a modern well equipped operation theatre, NICU, ICU, Labor Room, pre and postoperative wards, Air-cooled wards, Deluxe and Super Deluxe rooms.

Mangalam Hospital has an international standard of IVF and Andrology Lab. Being a specialized gastro center, the lab facilities include Upper & Lower GI Endoscopies, Sonography. Orthopedic procedures are done with best of hands. Being NABH recognized, we have trained technical and paramedical staff. 

our team

Dr Anju Mathur

Dr Anju Mathur, is a Senior Gynecologist, with over 30 years of experience in this field. She specialises in gynaec endoscopy, artificial reproduction techniques & IVF. She studied M.B.B.S at S.M.S Medical College,Jaipur & completed speciality training from the prestigious P.G.I, Chandigarh. She has given the gift of parenthood to more than 500 couples in Rajasthan. Her expertise in the field, and dedicated managerial skills has kept our organization always spearheading for excellence.

Dr Amit Mathur

Dr Amit Mathur, is a Senior Professor of Gastroenterology, previously taught at S.M.S Medical College , Jaipur. He has DM Gastroenterology from the P.G.I, Chandigarh. His expertise are  in Gastroscopy & E.R.C.P. He is one of the pioneers for endoscopic balloons for obesity in Jaipur. His focus, diligence and calm persona with expert care is unmatched in the city, making all his patients happy & comfortable.

Dr. Saksham Sharma

Dr. Saksham Sharma, is a focussed and experienced orthopedician.He specialises in trauma, orthopedic replacements & spine surgery. He is a trained in Orthopedic oncology from Mumbai, and is one of the very few working in the field of Bone cancers in the city.

Dr.Somya Mathur

Dr.Somya Mathur, is an Obstetrician & gynecologist , a young gynecologist in the field for the past 5 years. She has keen interest in High risk obstetrics & IVF. A graduate of Jhalawar Medical College (Rajasthan), she is passionate about womens health and creating awareness across all stratas of society. Together with Dr. Anju, she aims to optimise the health & well being of women of all age groups.

Patient Centric High Quality Care

We always put patients first, and every department guide patient with the best care to deliver the best outcomes. We always prioritize the patient’s comfort and convenience at each stage of their journey. We always follow the methodologies to make the patient’s experience as seamless as possible, right from appointment booking to discharge. We share all the necessary information with the patient and their family that will help them make their decision faster.

Best Treatments by Qualified Doctors

Our highly qualified and experienced doctors ensure that the patients receive the best care and treatment. We provide comprehensive information to our patients and their family about the doctors, facilities, and treatment. The staff is trained to treat patients with the utmost care. The doctors and other hospital staff provide the best care to their patients following the best care and treatment. The visionary leader makes the hospital management and all other departments more productive and efficient. All this help the hospital achieve the best quality improvement goals.

Our Vision

To build a world-class institute of superspecialized medical care with an expert community of healthcare professionals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer the ultimate services in Reproductive Care. With our latest techniques and dedication, we aim to give a baby to all couples who walk through our doors.

Our Core Values

We have standardized care paths for the most common health conditions. This helps us to ensure that patients get a stress-free experience at every stage, right from their admission to post-operative rehabilitation. Each patient at our hospital is treated as a family not as a stranger on the visit. The medical department takes the best care of them to make their treatment journey comfortable.





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