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Mangalam hospital is a super speciality hospital for IVF, high risk pregnancy, test tube baby centre in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The hospital has a modern well equipped operation theatre, NICU, ICU, Labor Room, pre and postoperative wards, Air-cooled wards, Deluxe and Super Deluxe rooms.

Mangalam Hospital has international standard of IVF and Andrology Lab. Being a specialized gastro centre, the lab facilities include Upper & Lower GI Endoscopies, Sonography and Imaging is done by experts to deal with Sonographic Procedures. Expert Laproscopic surgereons deal with GI and Gynecological surgeries. Imaging procedures (C-ARM) like ERCP, PCNL, URS and other orthopedic procedures are done with best of hands. Being NABH recognized, we have trained technical and paramedical staff. Being in the centre of the city, hospital renders 24 hours Emergency services. Besides patient care, the hospital also yields good facilities to the attendants.

Healthcare is a very important aspect in todays life and we at mangalam care to all your healthcare and lifestyle needs. Offering specialised services in all your healthcare needs. Visit Mangalam & feel at home with us.

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In-Vitro fertilization provides the best chance of having a healthy, disease-free baby in every treatment cycle. Thanks to state-of-the-art natural and advanced processing technologies used for spawning, fertilization, culture, embryo selection, genetic testing, implantation, and more. BFI's "Easy IVF" program is simple, safe, smart and successful. 98% of IVF patients who trust us and treat us well give birth alone.

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We operate on the principles of confidentiality, responsibility and professionalism. We create a family with technology and trust. We have been providing highly personalized care, personalized with a complete and minimal approach.We are one of the most comprehensive Fertility clinic in Jaipur and has proven fertility doctors. Our team deeply respects your needs and shares state-of-the-art assisted reproductive technology with you. Treatment programs are run by fertility specialists at Flora Fertility Center and are tailored to individuals or couples.


    Abnormal ovulation, which is irregular or absent periods, is often caused by a hormonal imbalance.


    Tissues in the uterus can attach to the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and other pelvic organs, causing infertility.


    For women with “weak” antispam antibodies to the cervix or cervical mucus and men with mild male infertility


    There are a number of reasons to consider sperm cryopreservation (freezing). Some couples find it more convenient to have a sample of thesperm.


    Men who have previously had a vasectomy will require a vasectomy reversal, or retrieval of sperm and ICSI, to conceive.


    Couples who become candidates for in-vitro fertilization (IVF) often do so if all other treatments, such as IUI have failed.


Test Tube Baby Centre In Jaipur

Dr. Amit Mathur


Test Tube Baby Centre In Jaipur

Dr. Anju B. Mathur (M.S. Gynae & Obs)

Sr. Consultant(Infertility Surgery,Adolescent Counselor,Menopausal Clinic)

Test Tube Baby Centre In Jaipur

Dr. Alok Mathur(M.D.)

Sr. Consultant Physician(Non Invasive Cardio Work,Critical & Problematic Medical Cases)

Test Tube Baby Centre In Jaipur

Dr. M.M. Gogna (M.S.)

Retd. Additional Director Medical & Health Services, Jaipur - Rajasthan


A number of factors are required to be considered before choosing the IVF doctor in Jaipur such as total years of experience in IVF treatment, whether the advanced technology is used for IVF, the machinery and equipment used, testimonial of successful cases, and prior success rate of the clinic.

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